Foundational Nutritional Supplements for Prevention

The following is a general supplement program designed to help adults prevent chronic degenerative illnesses and live stronger, longer lives. Although, I believe in individualizing health programs to meet the needs of each unique person, these guidelines are based on science and act as the bases for all targeted nutritional approaches.

The idea is to protect the brain, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and internal organs as we age. Also, we want to keep bones strong while maintaining soft, healthy arteries. As we age bones tend to become softer and arteries harder due to hormones shifting downward.

Protect bones, arteries, brain, and vital organs with 3 nutrients which are largely deficient in North Americans: Vitamins D3 and K2, plus Omega-3 fish oil. Supplementing vitamin D3 at a minimum daily intake of 2000IU from September to June aids in keeping the bones, brain, and immune system strong. This is the “sunshine” vitamin and since we live in Northern latitude, we just cannot consistently make enough to keep us healthy and strong. Vitamin K2 at 120 mcg MK-7 form, moves calcium from soft to hard tissue and prevents both osteoporosis and hardening of the arteries and joints. K2 is a vitamin that has become deficient with the modernization of farming and food manufacturing practices. Omega-3 fish oil (in the form of DHA and EPA combined dose of 2000-4000mg daily), protects the brain, nervous system, cardiovascular system, vital organs, skin, and bones from deterioration. Omega-3’s is modern man’s number one deficiency. All 3 nutrients have cancer preventive properties.

Protect the endothelium (inner lining of blood vessels) with high potency trans-resveratrol: This is the colorful molecule that makes grapes purple and red wine red. At a high dose (not achievable with red wine consumption in moderation), this powerful nutrient improves cardiovascular function, is anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidant, improves energy production and metabolism, decreases high blood pressure, improves cholesterol, and in animal studies extends life.

Sub-lingual methylated B12: Vitamin B-12 in its active (methyl) form improve energy and nerve function, stimulate blood cell production, detoxifies chemicals and toxic metals, and aids in the prevention of cardiovascular and brain disease. It is often deficient with aging due to absorption problems. It is best administered as an under the tongue liquid or lozenge at 1000mcg per day, since stomach absorption may be impaired. Vegetarians may also be deficient.