Ozone Therapies and Your Health

Ozone is a safe super-oxygenated compound that is natural, inexpensive, and has the potential to solve many of our modern-day health dilemmas. The medical use of ozone to treat a variety of acute and chronic illnesses has been occurring in integrated medical clinics and has been scientifically studied for over 50 years. This safe, effective therapy is used extensively in many countries but is relatively new to North America where it has unfortunately been largely ignored.

Ozone has proven safe and effective in treating some of our most common serious health problems, including heart disease, disorders of poor circulation, chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, and viral infections such as HIV, hepatitis, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disorders.

Ozone is a gas (O3, which is O2 the oxygen gas we breath, with an added oxygen atom). This makes it an energized form of oxygen. It was first used therapeutically during World War I to disinfect wounds. It was later discovered that it could kill viruses, yeasts, bacteria, and parasites. German research in the 1930’s successfully used ozone to treat patients suffering from Crohn’s, inflammatory bowel disorders, ulcerative colitis, and bacterial diarrhea. More recent research shows that often ozone selectively inhibits the growth of cancer cells, is a potent pain reliever, boosts the immune system, reverses the damage inflicted by stoke if applied within 48 hours, kills the AIDS virus, and in a study of 600 patients facing limb amputation from poor circulation, 50% averted amputation with the use of ozone therapy. Further, 2/3’s of patients suffering from vision loss due to macular degeneration regained enough vision with ozone therapy to regain self-sufficiency.

The five biological properties of Ozone that provide therapeutic benefit are the following: Immune regulator: When the immune system is overactive in auto-immune conditions Ozone will calm it down, and when it is underactive in such conditions as cancer, heart disease, and chronic infections, Ozone will act to stimulate it. This occurs because of the enhanced oxygen utilization in the mitochondria of cells, enabling optimal metabolic functioning. In white blood cells, which regulate the immune system, Ozone enables optimal and effective cytokine production which translates to a healthy immune function.

Increased Oxygen Uptake: Ozone stimulates the enzyme DPG (diphosphoglycerate) which enables the release of oxygen from hemoglobin so that the oxygen can be utilized by cells. In the absence of active DPG (which is common in Diabetics), cells become starved of oxygen, even when a lot of oxygen is in the body.

Improves circulation: Poor circulation and blood flow dynamics are a common effect of chronic inflammatory conditions, Diabetes, Heart disease, and Cancer. Ozone improves the flow characteristics of blood so that it can more easily penetrate tissues and deliver oxygen to cells.

Increases Antioxidant protection more than any other therapy: Ozone stimulates antioxidant buffering systems throughout the body so that cells are protected from oxidative damage. This is a powerful effect that enables cells to regain health, vigor, and healthy functioning.

Mitochondrial Stimulant: The mitochondria are the energy producers in every cell of our bodies. The fundamental underlying cause behind chronic degenerative disease is decreased mitochondrial energy production. Ozone can correct this problem by promoting efficient oxygen utilization, and thus, energy production in the mitochondria.

Prolozone is a technique developed to inject ozone directly into painful and/or worn out joints, ligaments, and muscles. It has the capacity to repair degenerative joints and relieve pain safely, often preventing the need for joint replacement therapy.

Millions of people have benefitted from the use of these therapies worldwide. It is estimated that 40,000 physicians in 45 countries use ozone and hydrogen peroxide treatments. These therapies have an extremely good safety record proving to have one of the lowest levels of side effects for any medical therapy.

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