Cancer Prevention and Treatment a Naturopathic Approach

Naturopathic medicine offers gentle yet effective supportive and integrative care for cancer patients. The Naturopathic focus is on treating the whole person rather than just the disease. Our aim is to make the body as healthy as possible, remove obstacles to cure, restore balance, and enhance the immune system. At our clinic, we focus on diet, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, and intravenous infusions to boost the body’s innate healing powers in an attempt to enhance quality of life, reduce symptoms, reduce side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, enhance effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation, and to assist the body in regaining optimal health. This approach may put the cancer into remission (if the cancer is not extremely advanced). It is Integrative with standard Oncology and in no way, asks anyone to avoid convention therapies. Based on scientific evidence, these well researched and clinically proven therapies have a well-established track record of success.

Every case is unique and all people are individuals. Therefore, our treatments are tailored to the individual. The treatments are discussed thoroughly with the patient and protocols are worked out between the doctor and the patient depending on the patient’s needs, resources, level of commitment, other ongoing treatments, and willingness to use this approach. All treatments are based on research which has shown significant benefit and safety.

My experience has been that these treatments improve quality of life, increase life expectancy, and reduce side effects from more aggressive treatments. They do not cause harm, are very safe, and do not react adversely with other treatments. Naturopathic therapies are aimed at improving the health of the individual in three fundamental ways: improving cellular energy production, decreasing inflammation, and stimulating the immune system. With improvement in the biological terrain of the body, the potential to overcome cancer greatly increases. Although curing cancer is not always possible, achieving clinical stability with good quality of life is usually possible, and significant life extension is quite common.

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