Clinical and scientific research is mounting to support the use of intravenous nutrients for a wide range of health problems. Intravenous Nutrient Therapy, also often known as the Myers Cocktail after its founder Dr. John Myers who used this therapy extensively in his practice until his death in 1984, has been providing a multitude of health benefits in many doctors’ clinics for decades now. The rational for these benefits lies in the chemistry of various nutrients in the human body, the fact that most people are found to be nutritionally deficient in one or more vital nutrients., and the positive health effects of nutrient repletion.

IV administration of nutrients can achieve blood concentrations that are much higher that with oral administration. This allows for beneficial effects in many acute and chronic conditions. Science is reaching the conclusion that inflammation is a major contributing factor in almost all chronic disease states, and Nutrient IVs lower body burden of inflammation by various mechanisms.
Certain nutrients act in the short term to calm down overactive inflammation and in the long term to repair damaged cells and tissues. In essence, nutrients arm the body with the basic tools it requires to detoxify, repair, and regenerate healthy tissue. Patients often report an improvement in energy, a decrease in pain, a more stable mood, and improved sleep. With the natural rhythms of the body restored, it is primed to heal itself and perform at an optimal level.
At the Natural Family Health Clinic various other natural IV therapies are offered and may be advised based on the unique needs of the individual. As always, Naturopathic Doctors treat the whole person in a natural, safe, non-toxic manner that is specifically targeted to their individual needs. If you are not functioning in optimal health, you may want to consider Nutritional IV therapy as an effective means of supporting your health and diminishing disease causing processes in the body. In coordination with a holistic approach, Nutritional IV Therapy is a proven effective treatment that can provide both immediate symptom relief and ongoing prevention towards your goal of reaching optimal health.
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